Accelerated Reader at JPIICS:    

Grades 6 & 7 are required to read books at level 4.0 or above.
Grade 8 requisite book level is 5.0 or above.
All books must be 100 pages or more at these grade levels.


Restricted Quiz List – Grade Level Assigned
*Some quizzes are set aside for certain grade levels.
Parents and students, make sure to check the list above before making reading choices if students wish to take the corresponding quiz on a book read.
The titles change periodically so check occasionally:

Renaissance Home Connect – Student AR Access
This link is used with the student’s school AR login credentials.

Renaissance Place Parent Login
This link provides parent access to student(s) AR quiz results.

Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader

AR Book Finder

AR BookFinder
Use this link to search for books to see if a quiz exists as part of the AR program.
Search this database to verify whether a title is an AR quiz.

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