We maintain high standards.

• Our academic standards meet and exceed state standards.
• Our students regularly score in the top 30th percentile on nationwide standardized tests.
• Our graduates have consistently done well on high school entrance exams earning over $250K in scholarships.
• Our goal is focused on learning for all children.

We embrace and integrate technology.

• Smart TVs, ACTIVboards, Apple TV, & iPads are revolutionizing the learning process and meeting the needs of all of our students.
• One-to-One iPads for grades 6, 7 & 8
• iPads in grades 1 – 5 classrooms and in PreK and Kindergarten to enhance early literacy skills
• Online text books & Google for Education Applications

We use standardized testing to refine our efforts.

Grades 2 through 7 take IOWA standardized tests. We use the data from these tests to guide student achievement.

We have multiple resources to enhance a student’s learning.

• Our Enrichment/Intervention staff includes a Psychologist, a Speech Pathologist, two Reading Instructional Specialists, two Math Specialists, a Gifted Specialist, and an Intervention Specialist.

Eighth grade students earn scholarships.

• Our 8th graders have earned over $300,000 in academic scholarships to area Catholic High Schools.
• 50% of our students earned these scholarships!