John Paul II Catholic School has offered an incredible, unmatched educational experience for both of my children who are vastly different learners. They have supported and accommodated my special needs child’s education and health journey as well as offered enrichment opportunities for my older child who needs a challenge. This is so important to our family, as we prioritized a Catholic education in a diverse building that could serve both children’s needs in order to keep them together. The school’s principal constantly goes above and beyond to advocate for her students and the staff are some of the most selfless, dedicated and hard working individuals in their field. At JPII you become part of a school “family.” The community here values education and one another. They are extremely involved, welcoming and supportive inside and outside of school during life’s triumphs and tragedies. This is hard to find these days.
Candice S.
John Paul II Catholic School became a very clear choice for our family after our first visit to the school campus. We love the community, JPII families and especially the faculty and staff at JPII. The faculty and staff at JPII are invested in the success of the students and work closely with the students and parents to ensure that every student is set up for success in the classroom. In addition to a quality education, we feel that a respectful, safe and kind environment is of utmost importance for our children. We get that at JPII. From your first visit to the school, you will feel the JPII difference.
Rob & Jen R
As our family exits the school this year, we are able to reflect and say with confidence that this school and the individuals who run it, did a fantastic job educating our daughters and helping them become the best versions of themselves. JPII provided a loving, safe, and comfortable environment for our children to learn and develop. The class sizes are small and the teachers know their students. The curriculum encourages students to learn independently and work as a member of a team. Our children received opportunities to serve in their community and celebrate accomplishments with other students. Consistent in all experiences was learning how to treat others with compassion and respect. JPII provides a high quality, faith-based education in a family-type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, growth, and development. It has been a blessing to have our kids attend this school!
Chad & Marcy S
I am a student at JPII and it is such a welcoming environment. Although I have only been there for 2 years I feel like I've been there since kindergarten. I have made so many new friends and had so many opportunities over these past two years. When you join JPII it’s more than just an institution, you join a family!!!
Amaya H.
Our experience at JPII with our three kids has been wonderful. It is a welcoming environment with caring and dedicated teachers who prepare students for high school. They offer a variety of clubs and organizations to meet the needs of all students. Some of these include Student Council, Magnified Giving, drama, band and sports. We feel blessed to be part of the JPII community!
Katie W.
John Paul II has been my second home since kindergarten. I have made so many friends that I even consider some of them brothers. Everybody is so welcoming, and every time I enter the building I am greeted with smiles. JP2 has not only given me friendships but also an amazing education over the past nine years
Max O
I wanted to take a minute to reflect on all of our children’s experience at JPII. Our kids had a great experience with the school and well prepared them for their secondary education and beyond. Monica was our first through the program and was well prepared for Mercy McAuley and then business school at University of Cincinnati. Monica will graduate this spring and has already accepted a job at Cincinnati Insurance in their underwriting training program. Eileen was also well prepared for Mercy McAuley and is currently in her second year at UC DAAP majoring in fashion design. She’s currently interning with a local designer. Michael is wrapping up his junior year at St. Xavier High School and is excelling at both his academics and boxing club. And of course Cecilia was our final and most memorable student that the JPII team worked with. She is doing really well and is super-excited to move on to high school next year. She’s been very involved with theater, partners club, news crew, and other activities. The education, encouragement, and love she received at JPII was truly a difference-maker and helped her to become her best Cecilia. Cecilia always felt safe and valued at an extremely vulnerable time in her life. The above and beyond the JPII team provided to give Cecilia, and our family, the support and adaptations she needed was exceptional. Cecilia mentioned just this evening that although she has a lot of friends at her new school, she was more popular at JPII. While she’s very happy in her new setting, that’s a pretty solid endorsement for the experience the team created for her at JPII. We wish you continued success with your vocation at JPII. Hopefully you’ll be able to continue to deliver such an excellent experience for many more young families to come.
Joe D.
My name is Isabelle and I have gone to John Paul for 9 years now. I couldn't imagine not going here for my elementary and middle school years. The staff is incredible and so supportive in everything that I’ve done. I am now going into high school and graduating this May. The amazing people whom I’m graduating with agree that we may be all different but what we have in common is that we will all miss this school dearly. The way the teachers teach is all different and makes learning so much fun. Our amazing science and computer lab, art, music, band, choir, PE, drama club, Spanish class, and so much more. I have learned so much morally, religiously, and academically from this school and made so many amazing friends. If I could rewind 9 years from now and pick a school for my child to go to, I would no doubt send them to John Paul II.
Isabelle D.

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