Auxiliary Services, funded by the State of Ohio and administered by the Winton Woods School District and the Jon Peterson Scholarship, provides specialists for support and extension of learning concepts in flexible small groups. Enrollment in these programs is dependent upon student need and classroom teacher recommendations. Services include the following:

▪ Intervention Assistance Team to address special needs of students as expressed by parents, teacher, or as revealed through testing.
▪ Service plan or IEP to address short-term and long-term goals.
▪ Intervention specialist to work in all subject areas with students identified as having learning disabilities.
▪ Three reading specialists to support the development of emergent readers’ skills as they move toward independent reading.
▪ Two Math specialists to support the development of mathematical skills both remediation and enrichment.
▪ Speech & Language specialist to work with students with identified needs in speech and language.
▪ Nurse to provide routine care and to monitor student health as well as conduct screenings, provide CPR training, and manage state mandates.